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Cooking Class Schedule

Help your creativity in the kitchen blossom!

Culinary Comforts Series

Did you know that more than one million people are diagnosed with cancer each year? Chances are that you either know someone or are directly affected. We invite you and your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to share in fun evening cooking classes.

Lisa Wingrove, certified oncology dietitian, will lead the Culinary Comforts series and share ways we can prevent cancer and intervene with delicious, hearty and healthy meals. AHWC is excited to partner with University of Colorado Health and University of Colorado Cancer Center on this new series.

Upcoming Classes

November 18: Thai Tilapia en Papillote
En papillote simply means "in parchment" in French. With this method, you bake fish with herbs and vegetables inside a parchment pouch. The pouch holds in moisture from the food, wine or stock to steam the food and lock in flavors. 

December 2: Culinary Comforts - Ginger and Maple Syrup Sweet Potatoes
Just in time for the holidays, a healthy take on sweet potatoes. If foods taste sour or bitter due to illness, working to make them taste better can make eating a pleasure again. This combination of ginger, honey and mild spices will have your mouth feeling happy.

January 13: Culinary Comforts - Salmon with Citrus Butter Sauce
Citrus and salmon are a dream combination and this sauce brings out the flavor of the fish as well as giving a sauce that makes swallowing easier. A great source of healthy fats, salmon is a protein that helps with wound healing and building muscle.

January 27: Bistro Favorite - Winter Squash Bisque
Our bodies are designed to eat with the seasons and squash is abounding this time of year. Chef Paolo will walk you through the process of making winter squash bisque from scratch.

Please RSVP

We base our grocery list for each class on number of RSVPs received, so please RSVP. This helps ensure we prepare enough samples for all guests!

Weather Policy

In the event that weather causes a class to be cancelled, AHWC will notify parties who RSVP'd by 2:30pm for that evening's class.

AHWC appreciates our healthful eating partners, Bistro Elaia and UCH, for helping provide monthly cooking classes that educate CU and the community on healthier and tasty foods as well as cooking methods.

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