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Cooking Class Schedule

Help your creativity in the kitchen blossom with our weekly cooking classes!

We base our grocery list for each class on number of RSVPs received, so please be sure to RSVP. This helps ensure we prepare enough samples for all guests!

In the event that weather causes a class to be cancelled, AHWC will notify parties who RSVP'd via email by 2:30pm for evening classes and 10am for morning or lunchtime classes.

July 8 at 5:30pm
Originating in the areas now known as Nice and Provence, ratatouille is a traditionalFrench stewed vegetable side dish. Our house-made ratatouille will be served with Bistro Elaia’s own healthy meatloaf — yes, there is such a thing! This meal is State of Slim phase 1 friendly.

July 15 at 5:30pm
Translated from French to English, roulade means “to roll.” And a traditional dish involves rolling up cheese or vegetables in a piece of meat. Bistro Elaia will serve their chicken roulade with a side of brown rice for a healthy and satisfying meal. This chicken and rice dish is State of Slim phase 2 friendly.

Recipe cards will be provided to those attending class and will bear standard nutritional information as well as State of Slim nutrition facts for the respective class.

Please RSVP!


AHWC appreciates our healthful eating partners, Bistro Elaia and KitchenCue, for helping provide monthly cooking classes that educate CU and the community on healthier and tasty foods as well as cooking methods.

About KitchenCue, everything you didn’t know about cooking:

KitchenCue is an interactive DVD series that shows you how to be a better cook not just how to follow a recipe. Distilling techniques down into easy steps gives you the ability to create hundreds of dishes using a simple process. Make your recipe books better, enjoy your kitchens more and easily add variety to your meal routine. Join our community and download your free Pantry Resource Guide at


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