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Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Learn Your Limits. Then Exceed Them.

Our science-based sports performance training programs developed for elite athletes are now available to everyone. Proven by research and field-tested for success, our Human Performance Lab creates personalized training programs that push your sports performance limits.

Getting the most out of athletic performance means understanding the factors that affect results. Our integrated approach gives you a clear understanding of your athletic potential. Beyond eating right and training hard, we evaluate your unique physiology and genetics, metabolic characteristics and nutrition. It’s a prescription for optimal training, so you can be the best possible athlete you can be.

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Our Tests Reveal Your Athletic Potential

Our Tests Reveal Your Athletic Potential

  • Maximal Oxygen Consumption—Discover your peak oxygen uptake during structured incremental physical activity that reveals your cardiovascular fitness levels.
  • Lactate Threshold and Metabolism—Minimize the burning feeling in your muscles by testing the lactic acids in your blood during exercise and adjusting your training plan.
  • Fuel Metabolism and Nutritional Advice—Understand the moment your body burns the most fat and when your muscle fuel supply is low, and get a plan customized to your unique needs.
  • Training Zone Evaluation and Advice—Understand the training zones that best match your unique metabolic and physiological profile, and prevent overtraining that can hinder your performance.

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Enhance Your Performance through Nutrition

Enhance Your Performance through Nutrition

Ensure your success with a sports nutrition consultation.

Our sports nutrition expert will review your test results and compare them with your current diet. From this analysis, you’ll get a customized meal plan for training days, extracurricular events and recovery times.

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