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Massage is one of the oldest healing arts, utilized to treat ailments and support well-being throughout the ages. Massage helps support an individual’s wellness goals, whether recovering from an injury, coping with a fitness lifestyle change or just dealing with the stress of work. Our holistic approach addresses discomfort and dysfunction in the body to keep you at the top of your game.


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Please plan to arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to your reservation so that your session can begin at your scheduled time. Session times include a personal consult with your therapist. Pricing does not include gratuity. Open to the public as well as our members.

50-minute Focus Session

Description: Treat specific problem areas or symptoms; such as neck and shoulder pain from frequent computer use or a leg and foot focus that’s great for runners.

Pricing: $59 members | $75 nonmembers

80-minute Full Body Session

Description: This treatment addresses general tension or multiple problem areas for full body stress relief.

Pricing: $89 members | $110 nonmembers

110-minute Extended Focus Session

Description: Combine full-body relaxation with an extended focus on specific problem spots in our longest massage session for the seriously stressed!

Pricing: $109 members | $135 nonmembers

Hot Stone Massage

Indulge in the warmth and relaxation of a hot stone massage, where the heat and density of warmed basalt stones are utilized as massage tools to melt away stress in your highest tension areas. Available in 60- or 80-minute sessions.

60-minute Pricing: $89 members | $110 nonmembers

80-minute Pricing: $109 members | $135 nonmembers


Members looking to benefit from regular massages may purchase services in four-pack bundles and receive a 10% discount.

Four-pack Pricing Options

  • 50-minute focus package - $215
  • 80-minutes full body package - $320
  • 110-minute extended focus package - $395


Our skilled therapists will assess your concerns and choose a modality of bodywork best suited to address your body’s needs. If you would like to request a specific type of session, please choose from the options below.


An integrated mixed-modality session customized to your body’s needs. May blend techniques from Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, neuromuscular and reflexology to decrease pain, discomfort or stress while increasing relaxation and well-being.

Sports Massage

Beneficial for athletes or active individuals alike, these sessions are geared toward improving performance and preparing for or recovering from sporting events or strenuous workouts. These sessions are comprised of more targeted muscle work, including both active and passive stretching for focus areas and major joints. Wearing loose-fitting gym clothes is recommended.

Deep Tissue

A method of massage that approaches specific muscles individually and slowly, working through more superficial tissues into deeper ones. This technique does not always imply firmer presser, but rather is a highly effective way to decrease tension in sub-layer muscle tissue using medium or firm pressure. 


A combination of gliding, kneading, rolling, vibrational and percussive movements all directed toward the heart to help increase circulation, reduce edema and decrease muscle tension.


Description coming soon

Hot Stone Massage

Indulge in the warmth and relaxation of a hot stone massage, where the heat and density of warmed basalt stones are utilized as massage tools to melt away stress in your highest tension areas.

Pregnancy Massage

Beneficial for expectant mothers at any stage, these sessions are customized to the comfort of moms-to-be. Pillow bolsters allow focus on aching shoulders, back and hips in side-lying position while our tilting, hydraulic massage tables ensure complete comfort while reclining for anterior body work. Includes gentle belly-massage, for your baby to share in the experience, and an exfoliating calf and foot salt scrub and extended foot massage for mom.

Himalayan Sea Salt Add-On

Full Body Scrub: Pamper your skin with a body scrub! This relaxing 30-minute service instantly exfoliates and stimulates blood flow to improve look and feel from head to toe. $39 members | $49 nonmembers

Hand/Foot Scrub Add-on: A 20-minute add-on to enhance your hands or feet. $29 members | $35 nonmembers


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