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A mixed-modality session that utilizes techniques customized to your body’s individual needs. Typically a blend of Swedish massage, deep tissue techniques, passive stretching and reflexology, these sessions are the massage and bodywork standard for decreasing stress, pain or discomfort and increasing relaxation and a sense of well-being.

  • Available in a 50-minute focused session for treating specific problem areas, a 80-minute full body relaxation session or a 105-minute full body session with extended focus. *

Sports Massage

Beneficial for athletes or active individuals alike, these sessions are geared toward improving performance and preparing for or recovering from sporting events or strenuous workouts. These sessions are comprised of more targeted muscle work, including both active and passive stretching for focus areas and major joints. Wearing loose-fitting gym clothes is recommended.

  • Available in a 50-minute muscle group focus session or 80-minute general performance session. *

Hot Stone Massage

These sessions utilize the warmth and density of heated polished stones to penetrate and loosen muscle tissue more effectively than manual manipulation alone. The heated stones are used as a massage tool from head to toe and leave you deeply relaxed.

  • Available in a 80-minute full body session or a 105-minute full body relaxation session with extended focus. *

Pregnancy Massage

Beneficial for expectant mothers at any stage, these sessions are customized to the comfort of moms-to-be. Pillow bolsters allow focus on aching shoulders, back and hips in side-lying position while our tilting, hydraulic massage tables ensure complete comfort while reclining for anterior body work. Includes gentle belly-massage, for your baby to share in the experience, and an exfoliating calf and foot salt scrub and extended foot massage for mom.

  • Available in a 80-minute full body relaxation session or a 105-minute full body session with extended focus. *

Foot Focus

Pamper tired, achy feet with a Foot Focus session. Himalayan salt scrubs and luxurious massage cream instantly improve skin feel while foot massage with reflexology techniques takes care of high tension. The extended time on the feet is also great for those suffering with plantar fasciitis.

  • Available in a 50-minute treatment. *

Salt Scrub Skin Treatment

Improve the look and feel of your skin with a Himalayan salt body exfoliation. This scrub loosens and removes the topmost layer of dry, dull skin cells to reveal a more radiant, glowing you. Can also be effective for clearing pores and ingrown hair. Application of our rich massage cream ensures that your skin is hydrated and moisturized.

  • Available as a 50-minute stand-alone treatment or add on to any massage. *


Starting at $54 for a 50-minute treatment.
Ask about preferred pricing available through massage packages.


Don’t waste another minute on stress. 

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* Pricing does not include gratuity.

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