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Personal Training

Personal Training at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center is the best way to ensure your workouts are safe, efficient and effective. Do you have specific goals or needs? We have a personal trainer prepared to help you! The training staff comes from a variety of backgrounds and specialties, so we are available to assist those of every age, fitness level and medical condition. The personal trainers have members in the pool, on land and outdoors to meet their needs.

Our personal trainers offer unlimited pathways to achieve your goals. By finding your motivation and tapping into it, we will keep you inspired to continue working toward achieving your goals. We will push you, keep the workout fun and offer variety to keep you driving toward success.

Not sure if personal training is right for you? Even the most advanced athletes rely on trainers and coaches to help them with their success. It doesn’t matter what your level of fitness or what you are training for, we can keep you focused and motivated.

Benefits of working with a trainer

  • Accountability – your trainer provides the necessary tools to achieve your goals. You are responsible to take these tools and work with your trainer to implement the training program. Meeting on a regular basis to continually measure outcomes and modify your program will lead you to success.
  • Motivation – our trainers will safely push you to improve and help you realize how hard you can actually work.
  • Methodology – fitness is constantly evolving. Learn efficient and effective exercise techniques.
  • Plan of Action – our trainers will help you create obtainable short and long term goals. By having a plan, you become more focused and efficient in your training. 
  • Results – you and your trainer will create a results-based training program leading you to success!

Our personal trainers have an exercise science based degree and hold nationally recognized certifications. We care about you and want to empower you to be successful. 

Personal training clients can save while getting results with our Personal Training Premier Membership. Learn more»

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Mark Siebert

Mark Siebert - Fitness Manager

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Garth Proctor

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Cathy Breig

Cathy Breig - Fitness Specialist

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Casey Shivers

Casey Shivers - Fitness Specialist

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Adam Osborn

Adam Osborn - Fitness Specialist

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Nicole Klochak

Nicole Klochak - Fitness Specialist

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Suzette Bossart

Suzette Bossart - Fitness Specialist

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Molly Throdahl

Molly Throdahl - Fitness Specialist

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Chad Singleton

Chad Singleton - Fitness Specialist

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