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Metabolic Kitchen

The Complexities of Process

What foods contribute to weight loss? What foods energize the body? What does one eat to achieve a healthy lifestyle? These questions and the complexities of how our bodies process food are explored in the metabolic kitchen.

Led by Dr. Holly Wyatt and Dr. Dan Besessen, associate directors of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, our team of dietitians conduct research to better understand nutrition, weight loss and, most importantly, the obesity epidemic that is contributing the high rates of chronic illness in our country.

Research involving nutrition is one of our primary focuses at the Anschutz Wellness. Our cutting-edge metabolic kitchen allows our researchers to control the nutritional intake of subjects engaged in a multitude of clinical research studies. If you're a subject in one of these research projects, you would work with the metabolic kitchen staff in receiving and tracking the nutrition component of your study participation.

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