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Current research spans a range of disciplines from understanding the role that mother’s diet plays in the health of her baby’s health to determining the effects of shift work and sleep loss on appetite to understanding the role that changes in hormones play in the health of women at the menopause.

Learn more about clinical research studies that are currently recruiting subjects.

Investigations in Metabolism Study
The study will test whether interrupting prolonged sitting with short bouts of moderate intensity walking can improve health.

Effects of Exercise on Appetite Regulation
The study will examine the effects of a 12-week exercise intervention done here through the fitness center on appetite and food intake regulation.

Exercise Timing Study
Volunteers needed for a research study to determine the best time to begin exercise within a lifestyle weight loss program.

The ENDO Trial
Seeking type 2 diabetics having trouble controlling their diabetes

AcT2 Research Study
Type 2 diabetes and exercise

Exscel Research Study
Effects of a new diabetes medicine on heart disease risk

Fat in Muscle Research Study
Effects of weight and exercise on muscle

Fetal Programming Research Study
Effects of mother’s diet on baby’s health

GDM Diet Research Study
What is the best diet for gestational diabetes

Iron and Diabetes Research Study
Does lowering iron levels help lower glucose levels

Eating at Night Research Study
Effects of staying up at night on appetite and metabolism

Phentermine for Weight Loss Research Study
Who benefits from taking a weight loss medication

Estrogen treatment in the menopause

Weekend Recovery Research Study
Effects of sleep deprivation and catch up sleep

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