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Sports Performance

Get faster, faster.

Lactate threshold. Glycogen storage. Interval training. There’s a lot of science to performance. And the best athletes know how to use it to their advantage. That’s where the Human Performance Lab (HPL) can help.

Learn your limits. Then learn how to surpass them.

The Human Performance Lab identifies your physiological potential, and helps you turn that knowledge into results. It’s not a cut-and-paste coaching program, but a highly scientific and highly individual approach to training, normally reserved for only elite athletes. 

Elite services, now available to everyone.

Our testing lab is comprehensive, research proven and field-tested. Dr. Iñigo San Millán has coached and managed elite athletes to victories in the Tour de France, triathlons, marathons and other world-class races. And now it’s available to you.

Testing includes:

  • Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2max)
  • Lactate threshold and lactate disposal dynamics
  • Fuel (fat and carbohydrate) utilization during exercise
  • Individual training zones and a personalized training plan
  • Nutritional advice and training diet plan
  • Overtraining evaluation

Sports nutrition is also included where applicable.

You put a lot of heart, soul and sweat into competition. Now you can put a lot of science into it too.

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