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Mind & Body Therapies

Psychology and Biofeedback

A strong mind is a strong foundation for wellness.

Your mind controls so much of your health. A positive attitude can help you weather the worst. By working with our licensed clinical psychologists you can get a handle on your head, and by default, gain a greater sense of overall health.

Psychological Consultations

Handle anything that comes your way.

By meeting with one of our clinical psychologists, you can learn how to adapt to change, develop healthier coping mechanisms and improve emotional resiliency.


Mind over body starts here.

Biofeedback is the art and science of using your mind to control various bodily functions. Meet with a psychologist and learn how to make subtle changes to affect heart rate, muscle tension and skin temperature. Biofeedback improves sports performance, emotional resiliency, decreases stress and reduces emotional eating.

Start on the road to a stronger mind.


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