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Nutrition & Lifestyle

Your journey to great nutrition begins today.

Nutrition research is what we do best at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. Our team of over 100 researchers provides the foundation of expertise you need to understand your current nutrition and make easy, positive changes immediately.

Our nutrition services are divided between consultations and testing. Talk to our staff   to see which is right for you.

Nutrition Consultation

A nutrition education built for you.

Weight loss. Disease prevention. Dietary preferences. Our registered dietitians can help you develop a plan to meet your goals and change your life. Single and packaged services are available.

Nutrition Testing

24-hour Diet Analysis

Discover diet quality: Our computer analysis of your food choices over a 24-hour period will show how nutritious your diet is as compared to recommendations.

72-hour Diet Analysis

Dig deeper into your diet: We’ll analyze your diet over three days and examine diet quality, nutrient variation, habits and intake patterns. 

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