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Colorado Diet

The Colorado Diet features a 16-week revolutionary plan that rebuilds your metabolism while providing quick weight loss. Designed by Drs. James Hill and Holly Wyatt, this weight loss diet is a permanent weight loss solution for patients that have struggled for years with managing their weight. It’s the first diet plan designed to get the weight off, fix your metabolism and match your diet with your new metabolism. The plan addresses what is required to fix a sluggish metabolism during the weight loss phase so that individuals will be much less likely to regain the weight.

The result of the Colorado Diet is weight loss that stays off and a metabolism that allows you to eat good food and feel great. This “Mile High Metabolism” is one of the keys to your long-term success. Learn more about the Colorado Diet in the new State of Slim book.

Three phases of the Colorado Diet

  • Phase 1  - Reignite Your Metabolism - Weeks 1-2
  • Phase 2  - Rebuild Your Metabolism - Weeks 3-8
  • Phase 3 -  Reinvent Your Metabolism and Your Life - Weeks 9-16

Dr. Wyatt is currently delivering this weight loss diet program in weekly and bi-weekly private sessions at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. A BOD POD® and Resting Metabolic Rate measurement will be performed in Week 1 and Week 16 to evaluate the amount and quality of the weight loss as well as changes to your resting metabolism. An optional personal training package designed specifically to enhance the Colorado Diet is also available.

Let the Colorado Diet help you if

  • You need to lose between 10-50 pounds
  • You are ready to make significant long-term lifestyle changes
  • You are willing and able to increase your activity level and monitor your weight loss diet
  • You are willing to work on changing your mindset, as well as make changes to your physical and social environment to help support your new weight, metabolism and lifestyle.


Dr. Wyatt currently limits this program to 10 private patients per week. We also have one class starting on February 24.


For more information:
Call 303-724-9030

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